I Just Love This ‘Work’…

I Just Love This ‘Work’…

August 29, 2016 0 By WebSavvyNana_1

Good Morning Internet Marketers! I just love this ‘work’.  This morning I woke up to lovely email from Misha Wilson my Mentor.  Let me explain why that thrills me.

Love what you doIt means my ads and/or broadcasts have touched someone’s heart and they want a digital business of their own. But more than that they want what it can bring them – Financial Freedom, Financial Security – their Dream.  It’s win, win, win all around 🙂

But I was even more thrilled because I was expecting another applicant, not the one that Misha’s email was telling me about. Which means, very soon I will be getting more emails!  In fact you get to the point you just want to go to bed, to get the surprises that come the next morning! Most of my ads you see are geared to the US.  So while I sleep the US gets engaged with my ads.

How brilliant is that; BUT THERE’S MORE! Silly me (no wonder some of my friends call me Dilly!), I forgot about how the business has been structured, so I also  got a smaller portion from the people who are making sales and who I brought into this same business.  How Cool is that – I basically get money in my bank account for doing nothing!!   Well not exactly because I do like to help the people who are coming into this Online Marketing Business and need help.  

I have to be honest, there is no easy way, and so, although all of the above is true I still have to put some effort in ESPECIALLY in the beginning. It’s just that the effort is less now than it used to be.  It’s like riding a bike, the more you fall off the better and quicker you learn, but learn you must.  You see the business you will find herein, is NOT a Get Rich Quick Scheme – Oh No!  This is a real business and as all businessmen and women know it’s hard at the start, and getting rich by doing nothing does not exist.  

However, in my humble opinion, from my experience, the best way of getting rich is by starting your own business!

But before you dive in and click on any of my links, to get the:

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let me give you some PRO’s and CON’s.

First the CON’s (lets get these out the way)

  • You have to invest first and in the beginning you very often work with little to now return or even NO PAY AT ALL – sorry its the hardest at the start!
  • You will inevitably work longer hours but for most entrepreneurs/ business people because they love what they do, and it is for themselves or their families, it doesn’t feel like work.  Well for some but I can’t say for all.

Here are the PRO’s

  • You will never ever again ‘work for money’.  Instead you will learn how to make ‘money work for you’.  Which means you will never ever again ‘trade time for money’.  You only have an infinite amount of time so you must turn this around, otherwise you will be like everyone else who does this and goes broke.
  • Through what we call ‘leverage’ you can create true ‘time freedom’.  To do what ever you want.  Spend time with family, live your dream of travelling, or painting or maybe you have the obligation of looking after someone and this brings you pleasure.
  • It’s an advantage to love what you do or at least, love what it achieves for you. In other words if online marketing does not turn you on then, you must have a dream, a goal.  This will motivate you.
  • For online you are not restricted to ‘when’ you can make money.  This business is global and so long as you have an internet connection then you can ‘work’ anywhere in the world! A true business has been systematised (as Michael E Gerber describes in his book ‘The E-Myth”).  It is one that you can walk away from and still the money arrives in your bank account 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

So there we are, the pro’s and con’s, as I see them.

But just one last thing.  What is really nice about this business is that compared to other systematised business, this one doesn’t need as much financial investment.

Take starting a restaurant, you would need in the region of £300,000 to start a MacDonald’s and I believe a Starbuck costs even more.  Starting a Carpet Cleaning business would take you back at least £20,000, I know I did just this.  With this business you can decide what your budget is and build it up.  Investment is from £397.00 to start training. Then if you want to build your business to greater heights you will need t go ‘Pro’ and that current investment is $2,497. Finally, to join the top earners and to escalate your business to the heights of success there is an investment of $10,000 for the Maui Intensive training. There you have 5 days with Misha Wilson and his team where they will be living their dream producing their next next Internet Millionaires – that could be YOU!


Compare this to even one years fees at a UK University including Oxford.  This would set you back £9,000 a year for the 3 year undergraduate courses (times 3, if you are not a UK or European citizen) and to study at the prestigious Said Business School, it is £52,000 plus for a year – but don’t quote me on that cost as it came through an ex-student of some years back.

So, here you will find great value, if you care to take advantage.

Have a fabulous and prosperous day!


baby boomers flock to online business opportunities

baby boomers flock to online business opportunities