I am a Genius Marketer

“I Am A Genius” Marketer!

“I Am A Genius” Marketer! Well even if I was a “Genius” Marketer, I would be embarrassed to say so! But not Trump – I mean, saying he was a genius because he’d…..

  • built a multi- million business ( I thought he’d inherited it but could be wrong – maybe you US friends of mine could let me know)
  • become a tv personality (need to be a genius to do that?)
  • became President the first time he tired? I won’t go
    there and try to anywise how many other presidents did that and besides what has genius got to do with becoming President on your first go?

Apart from embarrassing I’m sorry, but he really rattles me. Maybe, its the different culture – ‘two nations, divided by a common language” and all that, but I just don’t understand some of what he says/does/thinks – and I don’t like some of what he says he is going to do – like building walls!

I’m not a building walls person – are you?

But what I can say is his presidential campaign was run by a genius Marketer! He just kept polarising the US nation – it was 50/50 as to whether he was going to win. A bit like here in the UK with Brexit. And being a Marketer myself (far from a genius Marketer!) I do know that one of the strategies to win over people to you, is to polarise.

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I will show you the exact same system that helped me in my marketing for my B&B; my Carpet Cleaning business and all my online businesses. It also enabled me to market the products and services that made me a ‘Good/Getting to be a Master Marketer 🙂

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