How to Speak So That People Want to Listen

How to Speak So That People Want to Listen

I didn’t know this until I did a little investigating of one of my favourite online spaces – TED Talks, that the owner Chris Anderson, is a Brit. I love Ted Talk! Don’t You?

To be honest I wasn’t surprised; that he is a Brit. There is something of the flavour of Ted Talks that is understated – an attribute of the typical Brit.

There are so many Ted Talks that I have listened to and really I should have written a blog post about all of them. From Simon Sinek’s “How great Leaders Inspire Action” to the brilliant and funny Elizabeth Gilbert “Your Elusive Creative Genius”. Two, that I would recommend anyone who is into personal development to listen to many times.

And here is one – Julian Treasures “How to Speak So That People Want to Listen”, that I WILL post about, because I think it is relevant to many online marketers today as we grapple with ‘public speaking’. Even if that is ‘only’ on video. You see we need to be heard, don’t we? We want people to listen to us?

So here is how to avoid the pitfalls of not getting your message across…..

It’s only 10 minutes or so long (none of the TED Talks are very long in my experience) but it is as they say mainly are short, sweet, succinct and relevant.

How to Speak So That People Want to Listen

In his talk Julian Treasure tells us about the “7 Deadly Sins of Speaking” and why its important to avoid them to be heard and listened to.

Deadly Sin Number 1

Gossip – stories bout people who are not with us at the moment and stories in the sense of not being true – not the ones which entertain us! but tittle-tattle tell tales which can hurt peoples feelings.

Deadly Sin Number 2

Judging – and this is in the sense of the negative judgmental – judgement without reason and usually dambing and critical.

Deadly Sin Number 3

Negativity – he is funny and tells the story of a conversation with his mum which goes… Julian: ‘It’s October the 1st today”. Mum: “I know isn’t it dreadful”. Which is funny especially the way he says it but I can totally relate to his mum because I can just hear myself saying the same thing!

And why, well the whole year has nearly gone by ONCE AGAIN and being mums we have had too many years go by! Besides, its only ….. days till Christmas again! So, typically English!

Deadly Sin Number 4

Complaining – just another form of negativity. And he says its the National Art of the UK. Well after my defence of his mum above you can see what he means!

Deadly Sin Number 5

Excuses – oh I know that one all too well – its the ‘Yes, But….” game that people play! You know when you are trying to be all too helpful and all they can say is “Yes, But……”.

Deadly Sin Number 6

Exaggeration – or ‘Flowering’ as I like to call it! You know those sorts? They never tell it as it is and it leads to more like a lie than a truth. But what is a truth anyway – does it exist. Everyone, has a view, a perception of their own – don’t they?


Dogmatism – boy don’t you hate when people are dogmatic! So, righteous and its like when they speak they are bombarding you with their words – and you can’t hear!!!!

Then Julian goes on about “HAIL” but you really have to listen to see what he means 🙂

Have you listened.

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