How to Beat Procrastination

How to Beat Procrastination

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How to Beat Procrastination,
Get Things Done AND Have More Fun

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through your Facebook feed when you know you should be getting things done? In this TED talk, writer and blogger Tim Urban takes us “Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator.” Urban explains, with playful terminology, how to beat procrastination and why putting things off can be counterproductive to our long-term satisfaction.

Its a great video and it will certainly make you laugh!!!!

How to Beat Procrastination The Instant Gratification Monkey
The “Instant Gratification Monkey” describes the mind’s tendency to search for “easy” and “fun” in the present moment. Perhaps you realize that you have work to get done, but you decide that you can simply do it later. Of course, at any given moment, you might truly be able to avoid the hard stuff. But Tim Urban explains that the allure of instant gratification is really just an opportunity to play in the “Dark Playground;” the immediate payoff is not worth the long-term pain that you’re creating.

The Panic Monster

How to Beat Procrastination When there’s no time left to delay work, procrastinators meet their “Panic Monster.” This is the voice of fear that forces procrastinators to finally do the work. Unfortunately, if we’re seeing our Panic Monster, it probably means that we’ll need to put everything else aside in order to finish the work on time. The result is likely to be rushed and sub-par.

The Rational Decision-Maker
This is the voice that the Instant Gratification Monkey tries so desperately to ignore. The “Rational Decision-Maker” knows that if we spread the work out, we’ll be able to accomplish it all with greater ease and consideration. The Rational Decision-Maker likes to have fun, too, but it prefers to play in the “Happy Playground,” where fun is the reward, not an underhanded tool for avoiding the hard stuff.

If you want to better understand how to beat procrastination, check out Tim Urban’s full TED Talk, “Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator.”

It’s a great video and gives advice for your business or just life in general. It also tells you how you are NOT alone!


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