How Tim Verdouw Made $11,118 in One Month Online

How Tim Verdouw Made $8,618 (plus) in One Month Online

If you want to make money online then there is no better example to take than Tim Verdouw who made $8,618 (plus) in one month with SAN – the Super Affiliate Network!

How Tim Verdouw Made $8,618 (plus) in
One Month Online

And what was the plus? Well,

1st Place Prize for Tim was – TESF Funnels (100% done for you simple affiliate funnel, done for you consult funnel, done for you webinar funnel, and scripts for all of your videos and copy on all of your funnels written 100% done for you by Misha himself! – $3,500 real world value) + an hour long private consult with Misha himself ($997 Real World Value) + $2,500 Cold hard cash!

Which means his cold hard cash of $8,618 went up to $13,115!!!! How about that for a running start in the Super Affiliate Network. Thing is its also been done before and it will be done again for the person with the right mind set, the right vision and the will to succeed.

Here is a video you can watch which was made in Tim’s first month at the Super Affiliate Network. It was while he was seeing phenomenal success and just before he won 1st prise in a competition that SAN were running at the same time.


Check out Tim’s video he did with my Sponsor Karen below….

Lucky you might say, that he was able to use his successes to leverage using the competition. But not so, as there were others who didn’t work as hard as Tim. Tim took his business he had just started with SAN and brought it to his audience online. He showed other people how he was making money online – by following the training Misha our mentor has developed.

A system that is so straight forward that even a Grandmother like me can understand. Even a grandmother like me can get clarity of what is this money making thing online.

So, do you want the flexibility of working from home?

Do you want to see your children grow up and be brought up by you not someone you don’t really know – amongst 20 other children. Where they are not getting the attention they need?

Do you hate your boss and hate the commute. Also, did you why it is getting more and more difficult to get to work – might have something to do with our world population doubling in the last 30 yrs!

Or, are you like me and need financial security in your later years?



Here’s to Helping You Online 🙂

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