How Did Tim Verdouw Make $11,000 in One Month

How Did Tim Verdouw Make $11,000 in One Month

Amazing story you might think and is it a scam I can hear some saying….well how did Tim Verdouw make $11,000 in one month – and NO it is no scam. Watch the video and find out how he did it 🙂

But, so you don’t loose this link to do the same here is how you can get your hands on the same training to do the same as Tim in the Super Affiliate Network.

Imagine what you could do with $11,000+ even if you didn’t make that consistently. Imagine, that’s a figure that some people (at least here in the UK) make in a year! In a year I am sure Tim can figure out how to make another $11,000 on the internet. Especially, using the training that you get in the Super Affiliate Network!  Imagine again what Tim’s earnings will be in 12mths time. And if you can imagine that you can then use your imagination to use on the internet with the Super Affiliate Network. Because, that is all dreams are – imagining and then implementing.

Click on my video with Tim below…..


So, 18 modules in the Bootcamp at the Super Affiliate Network, is what inspired Tim to start promoting the exact same training of how to make a Biz online. What did you think of the interview with Tim? Well Joanne Dyer let us know on the FB page where it was first streamed….

How Did Tim Verdouw Make $11,000+ in one month

I can’t blow the Super Affiliate Trumpet enough, and that is what Tim Did very effectively in his first month at SAN. It is the best opportunity I know of out there in this space online. So, don’t let fear stop you trying to make a biz online too.

Oh, and those bonuses – well join here and you might also get bonuses like – a six figure coach – yes just for joining. A team leader in me and a community that includes Tim 🙂 Join by clicking the link below and I will give you your first 100 leads so you can start promoting the Super Affiliate Network training too 🙂

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