How Diane Duvnjak Made $1000 In One Single Day

How Diane Duvnjak Made $1000 In One Single Day

Yes, that is right… How, I Diane Duvnjak made $1,000 in one single day!

And that is only with the Super Affiliate Network. I’ve been busy with other things but that is to be told in another blog post.

Here Starzy Muscat interviewed me just after I’d made a $1,000 commission with the Super Affiliate Network. Of course when you make such big commission online people immediately want to know how. It looks like such an instant thing but such commissions can take a while to come to fruition. Sometimes it does happen very quickly but it is usually after you have connected with people and they have seen value in what you are offering.

They have got to want what you have but they have to trust that you are going to help them get to where they want to be. That doesn’t usually come instantly.

How Diane Duvnjak Made $1000 In One Single DayBut its the same with an online business – it all takes time and your effort – at least in the beginning. It was the same with my B&B business. Years ago there was a steep learning curve to find out how to attract the sorts of guests we wanted. That we couldn’t cater for everyone; workmen for example did not fit in with the tourist trade – you might ask why? Well, tourists are usually couples and families – they want double and kingsize beds. Workmen need single beds. A lot to learn and think about.

I used to do the rooms myself, the washing and ironing of the sheets. Sitting in the B&B waiting for the phone to ring, not wanting to leave and being in fear that you would miss a booking.

But the business grew and as we paid off our business loan debt we were able to hire people to help. So now the linen gets taken away to be washed and ironed. I don’t climb the stairs any longer with the vacuum cleaner, although I sometimes think that would do me good! But you get my drift!

It is the same with an online business. There is a learning curve and some will be sprinters some will be long distance runners. But whichever, to succeed you have to follow a proven system and keep going to make it your own.

What you get is a business which gives you the life you love.

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