Hosting, Domain & Email Address Acquisition

Hosting, Domain & Email Address Acquisition

1&1 Web Hosting

Want a yourfirstnameyoursecondname website? Which is to become your Authority site? The place, the hub where people are to find you and your offers, your services your inspiration. It is to become your Real-Estate – of true value. Well before you can start to build your interactive site you will need a host, a domain, an email address and a CRM platform like WordPress.

You can get all this from 1&1 Web Hosting.

Now in the last 5 years of having websites for my various businesses I have been round the houses with Hosting Companies. I have been up and down dales; up mountains and down valleys! I have swum oceans and battled through jungles. Do you get the picture?

You do not want what I had – headaches all the way!

What you want is a reliable company with whom you can get in contact, easily for help. You will invariably need help!

Finally, a year ago I found 1&1 a German based company (and you know how efficient the Germans can be). Well, I cannot speak more highly of them.

It is the customer services that I really love and their site is very easy to use. You can also get WordPress directly from their sites, once you have registered

So I can highly recommend as it is what I use and what I am very happy with. You can get it here and then go get your domain, email
and WordPress 🙂

NOTE the 2 links above are only for those in the UK!!!!!

Here is a link if you want the .com version – HOWEVER I do not know what their customer service is like. I can only go by what service I experience from this island in Europe. Sorry. But here is the .com 1&1 link if you want to try it.

NOW, you will also want :-

  1. your DOMAINWant Well all you have to do is register with 1and1 on the two versions above and you can get your domain through them.
  2. your EMAIL ADDRESS and 1&1 will have plenty of capacity so you don’t lose your emails. Get an email address t match your domain name so you look professional.
  3. the place you are going to create your blog/website and you will find it easy to get to WORDPRESS from your 1&1 account.

And you can get them all by going to 1&1 for your hosting.

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