“You Can Have Everything in Life You Want, If You Will Just Help Other People Get What They Want.”

Have You Helped Enough People Get What They Want?

I ask if you have Helped Enough People Get What They Want because of that famous quote by Zig Ziglar? I just love that quote of his, because it has become one of my philosophies in life that I sincerely believe in.

“You Can Have Everything in Life You Want, If You Will Just Help Other People Get What They Want.”

And now it’s your turn, again!

About a year ago you helped me will a competition with the Super Affiliate Network!

Can you remember? I had to do a video giving a testimonial to the Super Affiliate Network? I was as nervous as hell doing that video as I thought it was about doing a ‘good video’ and I didn’t like doing them and I still don’t like doing videos at the best of times. That is why I mail you most days 🙂

It worked out to be good fun though and the fun, of course, increases when you look as though you might actually win! Do you love competitions? I do 🙂

You can see the one I did and the comments afterward here on my facetbook page!

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 13.04.46

But now there is another one this week! Videos are being compiled by other Super Affiliate members, as we speak! I have to think of one of my aha moments gained by the training given at the Super Affiliate Network. Training that has seen my online business grow.

So, would you help me again? Please?

Normally, I am sending you products and services which I think will help YOU! This time it’s about helping ME?

Hope as one of my loyal subscribers you will look out for the way you need to vote for me in the next few days or so 🙂

You up for it?

I hope so, or I will be wondering why you subscribed and why I mail you every day?

Expecting you to have a day when you get what you want 🙂

Diane Duvnjak

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