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“Go West Young Man” is a phrase¬†known to mean to go beyond your comfort zone. To step out in faith into the great unknown. The West being images of pioneers going out to the west of the vast new land discovered by European colonialists.

In other words an initial hard life but with the flow of considerable riches in the future.

It’s the same today with any opportunity. I’ve been contemplating starting a tea shop. It would be ideal here in Oxfordshire where it is firstly a tradition of the culture of afternoon tea. Secondly Oxfordshire has a significant market coming to experience cream teas! But to start a tea room takes an initial investment in both my time and the green stuff. It would then take significant effort, action and implementation. However once set up like a machine you set it in motion to work without you and I would do what I am doing now.

So I’ve gone off West for a while…..to Wales. The spring air is fresh, and the trees are getting their beautiful light green buds. The bleating lambs are running after their mothers for their milk. I love to go to Wales for a break, and I can whenever I want to.

Would you like to set up a system that allows you to go off, and do what you love to do, at any time?

You can find out here what system has allowed me to do that.

Here’s to you having great days!
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