Get Out of Facebook Jail Card

Get Out of Facebook Jail Card

Get Out of Facebook Jail Card

Did you know my other half is a scientist here in Oxford? Yes, an eminent one at that and he has to rely on microsoft excel spreadsheets. He and his colleagues are experts at excel but forever complaining about it. But one thing in particular….

They keep changing things in the updates in the new versions and it is dubby annoying!

It’s not that there is anything significant, its not that they need that particular function in a new place, its not that they need it to look pretty! They need it frankly to mathematically work which it does…its basic function!

It’s the same with dubby facebook for us Marketers! They have collected all that data frankly so we as business can advertise and make them lots of dosh! But they have a problem in that we business owners are not their primary customer…joe bloggs/john doe is.

Get Out of Facebook Jail CardI have a great FB friend and she is really helpful in updating many of us as to what FB is doing and how its going to affect us.

Oh for the days when we had that huge Yellow Pages and could just call them to place an ad for us and away we would go for the next year! Ok so FB does have some advantages, but what about all that going to jail, what about all the just downs, the rule changes, the complicated rules, this that and changes again!

But we can’t go back to Yellow Pages advertising of 30yrs ago. What is needed is something else out there where you don’t have to worry about how much it is going to cost you. I remember knowing my costs for my ad in the big fat yellow pages that got plonked on my doorstep and that is what is needed today.  those known costs.

Did you know that the cost of advertising on most of the major platforms has effectively DOUBLED in the last year or so.

Then there is the regular event of our industry having their accounts outright shutdown or temporarily suspended. As though our bis or any bis can afford to be closed! Or want to be for that matter!

It seems to be getting harder and harder as a home bis entropenreur to generate pre-qualified, targeted and responsive leads. And actually you’d be surprised how many 5, 6 even 7 figure earners have been stopped dead in their tracks due to these issues surrounding lead generation.

How then did my bis take off so quickly in August of 2016 and also grow and thrive through so many FB changes? Well it is due to the fact that my bis is built on the foundation of Solo Ad Marketing.

Leads are the life-blood of your business, and if you count on big advertising platforms like Flakebook, even YouTube or Bing you have absolutely zero security built into your business!

By now you can sense where this is leading to!

I can introduce you to the Solo Ad Success Formula where you will learn how to use other peoples lists to email your products and services to. And email your products and services  to people who want your products and services!

Learn all about it here!

Diane Duvnjak

PS And if you have been affected by Facebook then get in touch even if it’s only for a sympathetic ear!

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