Facistbook! That is what one of my friends called it……

Would you agree with ‘Facistbook’! That is what one of my friends said about Facebook. I’ll show you where in a mo….

Facebook for me is just one long saga. When I first started with Internet Marketing the organisation I was with at the time told me Facebook was brilliant for targeting your future customers. So, they sold me a training program and then another and then another.

You see even with lots and lots of training; with fb it is one thing after another. Changes, jail, bans, omg $878 charge on my credit card for $5.67 per click and outright shutdown! And then yesterday afternoon they just wouldn’t allow me to post! At all! You can see the video I sent out to my friends to see if they could help me. Go here!

It even happened to two of my online friends at the same time, so I just don’t know what was going on there! And that is another thing with fb…. you are always in the dark!

Facistbook! That is what one of my friends called it..Then this morning I tried to post again and voile I’m released! It’s so frustrating! See the comments still coming in below…..and you can see Timothy has said “thats why people call it facistbook”.

And that is why I love communicating by email and building a business with email! You get none of this trouble with email. Ok sometimes things go into spam but they tell you to whilelist if you don’t want that to happen and anyway the emails can still be seen even in spam.

Its not like having business and being booked by a faceless tyrant.

So, if you want to get away from having your business dictated to online, then start email marketing here. You don’t even have to have your own product you can be an Affiliate like I am. Just like having your own department store but online where you sell other peoples products and services.

Have a go here if you fancy it!

In the meanwhile I’m off to have a great day so you have one too!

Diane Duvnjak
Maui Partner

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