Extra! Extra! Another One Bites the Dust....

Extra! Extra! Another One Bites the Dust….

Yep….Extra! Extra! Another One Bites the Dust….

So, America’s FTC shut down Digital Altitude. Seems they were claiming things which they didn’t deliver. Sad really because many people had their hopes and dreams invested there.

What about the others?

What about the opportunity that I keep presenting to you?

Well, thank goodness my friend and the CEO Misha Wilson is a Fiduciary Advisor. First of all, he expressed sympathy for those involved…

“As someone who loves this industry, and cares for the people in it, I’m genuinely sorry to anyone who was negatively impacted by the situation, or anyone who essentially lost a business that they had built with the company going down.

It’s a bummer to see the negative press that the industry get’s due to these types of circumstances, and even more of a bummer to hear about those who were wronged by a company or those who lost out due to the shutdown of a company”.

So often the CEO in companies won’t address the Elephant in the room but people involved need reassurance. That’s all, because most companies out there are legit, are the real deal.

Especially when they take belt and braces precautions to be so – upfront and legal as well as providing an opportunity in life for those who are ready, willing and able to embrace it.

As Misha said this morning….

“I have ALWAYS gone above and beyond to ensure to the maximum of my ability that whenever someone pays for something, it’s ten times more valuable than what we charge, and that in the buying process itself, there are ZERO black hat tactics used.

We don’t stand for hard selling…

We don’t stand for using hype…

We don’t stand for blackhat marketing as a whole…

And we don’t stand for using big income claims as a way to make a quick buck…

On the flipside, we have VERY intentionally focused on creating a culture based around providing value, building leaders, contributing to the marketplace, and always doing as much as we can to help the little guy to have a real shot at success.

Is this weren’t the case, our Manifesto would read “Let’s Just Make As Much Money As Humanly Possible As Quickly As Humanly Possible”.


……When you influence someone to buy a product or service that they SHOULD BUY for there own personal benefit, you’re LEADING them towards taking an action step that they SHOULD TAKE to better their lives.

Sometimes people get hesitant about taking certain action steps even when they’re in their own best interest…

This is where you as a leader can influence that person to take the action step they should take for their own personal benefit”.

It’s about being the Fiduciary Advisor which I wrote about on my blog on the 18 Mar 2017  and which it seems Digital Altitude didn’t do. But its something I saw Misha Wilson, Jay Abraham and people like them adopted in their way of operating. An attitude which resonates with me absolutely!

You can learn about it too and how you can operate within an organisation like the Super Affiliate Network to help change peoples lives.

WE DONT STAND for manipulation and coercion, we “don’t use advanced sales tactics and strategies to get someone to take an action step that DOESN’T benefit them in the slightest”.

That is why we have a fantastic community of like-minded people. People want to strive to be the best of the best and embrace this notion of being the Fiduciary Advisor even though it means you have to eve3ry now and again leave money on the table.

Learn How Here!


Diane Duvnjak

PS And if you have been affected by these events then get in touch even if it’s only for a sympathetic ear!

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