Email Mastery

Email Mastery

Money Is in the List but the Fortune Is in the Follow-Up

Andre Chaperon - Email Marketing Mastery

On your journey to email mastery your first port of call, if you are part of the Super Affiliate Network is the training your will find in the Bootcamp. You may find that is enough for you to get great rapport with the subscribers in email lists. However, if you think you might benefit from a ‘Master Email Marketer’ who has been featured in the Huffington Post in June 2016, as one of 11 Remarkable Storytellers, then look no further than the training available by André Chaperon.

I am sure he won’t mind me telling you he is a dyslexic. So if André Chaperon can get $38.64 EPS (earnings per subscriber) then his training should at least get you and me more than the industry average of $1 EPS. Within just a few short weeks of getting his A.R.M. Training my open rates went up from 5% to 9%+ and I have yet to get through it all!

Ryan Deiss & Perry Belcher of Digital Marketer at their famous Traffic & Conversion Summit talked about and recommended Andre’s A.R.M. training. This is where he teaches an ’open-loop’ series of emails – where Deiss said:

“it drives you fricking bananas and you have to open every subsequent email, trying to find the answer”.

Of course subsequently forming a relationship with Andre 🙂 What we all want – the build up of that relationship where the fortune in your business is made.

Here is your opportunity to get a “Free Edition” of ARM, which is delivered to you over 7 emails. You will taste Andre’s Magic in those emails and if you don’t want to keep opening them and waiting for the next one then let me know, as that is what happened to me!

Tap into it now!

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