Don't You Think Having a Pen Pal Is like Email Marketing Today?

Don’t You Think Having a Pen Pal Is like Email Marketing Today?

Ever had a pen pal? It might seem like a relic from the past for relics who used to do it, like me! But, don’t you think having a pen pal is like email marketing today?

I had a pen pal for a short while and yes I am of that era of writing a letter with a pen! I remember being fascinated with this person I didn’t really know (French they were) who was trying to learn English through our liaison. Waiting eagerly for the next letter to drop through the mail box and hastening to opening it  to see what was new in this world I wasn’t in!

Did you ever have a pen pal? And did you love the experience? Have you ever thought of having a business based on the same principle? You see I think having a pen pal is like my email marketing business of today.

You see I am an affiliate….I sell products and services on the internet to people who have subscribed to my email list (mainly) and who have shown an interest in me and what I do.

They want to learn something from me and I am fascinated with them so much, I want to form a relationship and then help them even more!

You never know me and my pen pals, one day might even meet for real other than on the www! Like my team members now… Milka NjeruKristie Phares LewisDusan StefanovicJulie Bishop-Allen; Deshon Porter and newest member Mark Bradley…. to name but a few!

Want to try this Digital Penpal business? Want me to help and guide you through? I love coaching my team and it is something not a lot of team leaders do these days! You know the customer service bit!

But you get that here and more with me and the system my Mentor taught me here!

Diane Duvnjak
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