“Don’t Have the Green American Mulla to Start a Biz Online”..Yes?

“Don’t Have the Green American Mulla to Start a Biz Online”..Yes?

March 15, 2018 0 By WebSavvyNana_1

I see this as the biggest stumbling block to start a business online “don’t have the green american mulla to start a biz online…yes”?


It’s the feedback I seem to be getting; people are what we call ‘broke’.


People believe they don’t have the money to buy what they need to start a business. Yet you can start here for a $1!


But let’s look at what this means.


Being broke to me means you don’t have the green goodies right now. It doesn’t mean that you are always going to be in that position or you can’t change your situation. Also, most people who start a business were in that position afterall they wanted to get from where they were, to what they perceive to be ‘success’.


Unless of course they have developed a business successfully and are just starting another stream of income. Even so, they will have been ‘broke’ at some stage in their lives. Oh, and of course, unless they were born with a silver spoon. Not many of them around!


So, what I am saying is we are/were, all in this position… but we found a way to move on.

And you also have to understand that what you need to give is an investment; don’t see it as a cost or expense. It is an investment into your future lifestyle.


So, how have some of us got out of broke? Meaning don’t have the investment now.


  1. Well, a small percentage do have that silver spoon or have someone
    that can loan them the investment they need to make. 
  2. Some will go and max their cards which I try not to advocate!
  3. I have known one lady who rented out her spare room to fund the
    advertising she needed to make.
  4. One member who had the skill of car spraying quickly got several
    jobs he could do, to fund his initial investment. 
  5. For me, I had to get more bookings to my B&B. Come hell or high
    water I made that happen. I’m afraid I did max the cards out too
    but made sure that was a short-term problem and got more people
    into my B&B.
  6. Misha, I know borrowed from his dad and at an event only had one
    meal a day and paid for a one-way ticket. Had to grovel for his ticket
    home again.  But in the meanwhile was working like a trojan to make
    sure his business started to make the green mulla.


Massive action was needed.


And that is another thing. You don’t just go into business and sit back. You HAVE to take MASSIVE ACTION. Think about the games you have won in! Only with massive action was it possible! See the  competition I recently won….with massive action.


Again like I said to one of the members today on a call …. you have to commit to getting your list up to 10,000 plus…. that needs massive action. You will possibly see sales coming in from the 5000+ stage but not much before. That means you have to commit to investing in the traffic every week or every month. And building that list consistently.


Remember the mulla is in the list …. it has to be big enough!


So, hope I have made all this clear?


Have a great day!


Diane Duvnjak
Maui Partner
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“”Don’t Have the Green American Mulla to Start a Biz Online”..Yes?”

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