Does Your Business Experience Traffic Everyday?

Does Your Business Experience Traffic Everyday?

April 6, 2018 0 By WebSavvyNana_1

I mean, the sort of ‘Traffic’ that is needed in a business. The traffic, ‘visitors’ that get to our offers, products and services online. Traffic which in turn, of course, leads ultimately to sales and profit. So, Do You Experience Traffic Everyday because as they say in the industry it is the lifeblood of a business.

Unlike when we are in the world of jobs and commuting when we hate traffic, we need that sort of metaphoric traffic in our business if we are going to be successful. If we are going to see profits which will support the lifestyle that we desire.

Once you have mastered the right sort of traffic, it seems so natural you wonder what all the fuss was. And it is so exhilarating when you hit on that traffic source. I remember before the world of the internet when we had our first B&B. Off on a side road not the traditional site of a B&B which was on a main road. A main road where everyone passing by could quickly drop in and see if there was anything available.

But being on a main road in London UK, was always noisy and so you would get complaints but just off the main drag and the noise would be so much less and more pleasant a stay…better reviews immediately. However, what about the traffic?

It was a real problem then. You see any advertising was mainly in publications which were planned and paid for a year in advance. No good for me as we needed income immediately. I hit on classified ads. Not typical for a B&B but at that time lots of workers would come to London and what would they read but the local London paper…the London Evening Standard.

I say exhilarating because it became like my own personal money making Machine. One small ad every six weeks or so and I would get so much traffic I sent my B&B friends leads as well. Even my parents moved to London, and they opened up a small B&B too. All supplied with the traffic from my classified tuppence-ha’penny ad.

I have a tuppence-ha’penny source of traffic for my online business today too! A traffic source that is like a machine I switch on and off when I need to.

So if you are struggling with your traffic source for your own online business, then get the training on how I operate mine here.

Have a great Friday and don’t get into too much of the Friday traffic on the roads today!

Get the right traffic type here!

Here’s hoping you have abundant Traffic today!

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