Does Ebony & Ivory Fit in an Online Marriage?

Does Ebony & Ivory Fit in an Online Marriage?

March 12, 2018 0 By WebSavvyNana_1

Does Ebony & Ivory Fit in an Online Marriage?

Born in the UK but from both parents of Jugoslavian ethnicity it was quite a dilemma back in the 80’s to choose a life partner. You see I’d seen my best friend Milka (same back ground) marry an Englishman. And I could see how her life was becoming more and more divergent from her ‘families’.

Then I married a man from the former Jugoslavia and he fitted in with my immediate families circle at least at first.

But then as time went on and the ‘community circle’ moved more from Yugoslav to English it was becoming apparent Milka had made a better choice than I had. She and her husband found their comfort zone in the same place, and essentially that was in an English culture. Hence her marriage has stood the test of time and mine didn’t.

It’s the same with joining the Super Affiliate Network Family. There are some that stay and thrive but many that look elsewhere. And that is ok. One organisation does not fit everyone. But every marriage be it with humans or organisations has to be a good fit to thrive.

We at the Super Affiliate Network like simple systems, ones that take us from a to zeee. Where hard work and determination is the acceptable norm. Where we are Warriors both men and women and don’t quit till we win. We know that investment especially in the beginning is key. It is not very often in any business (and I have had a few) where your profits come quickly.

You usually need to learn new skills and learn the marketing strategies before you make even change from green stuff.

But if you are in the right culture and follow the system then there is no reason why you should not succeed like all the other successful affiliates. See here below a Q&A with my friend and mentor Misha and newly graduated Maui Member Sopit….

So if you are of the same temperament then here is where you should go to get learning and implementing.

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