Do You Think I’m Not Worth It or That I’m Trying to Scam You?

Do You Think I’m Not Worth It or That I’m Trying to Scam You?

March 19, 2018 0 By WebSavvyNana_1

I need to address the elephant in the room I think. You see I had a message from one of my subscribers at the weekend who I think is on the fence about joining the Super Affiilate Network (SAN) but wondering if it is all a scam. So you see I need to know do you think I’m not worth it or that I’m tying to scam you?

Do you think I'm not worth it or that I'm trying to scam you?My subscriber sent me this link where an ex SAN member is giving a review to actually try to entice you to join the ‘new shiny object’ they have now got themselves into. A marketing tactic that some people use…damming one company against another. I don’t like it or rather I have been taught not to do it during my IFA days.

If you want to read the whole blog then go here but I will pull the main extracts out of it. And actuley if I don’t address all of the issues, then you can always email me back and I will give you my humble opinions.

Here we go…

The website is owned by a guy called Rufat Guliyev an ex-member of SAN and his main truck seems to be a ‘promise’ that you will start ‘making money in 30 days’. So, what is the promise? In fact it isn’t a promise that you ‘will’ make money in 30 days but that if you don’t you will receive $100….and that my friend, is only if you complete the whole of the bootcamp and start implementing. NO business would survive the ‘freeby’ hunters who think they can just pay $1 and scam a system to get $100 back!

He also seems to think that the teaching in SAN by Misha the founder ‘won’t be cheap’.

Well first of all what is ‘cheap’ and actually I don’t know about you, but I don’t go for cheap! I go for value and how it benefits me.

Do you think I'm not worth it or that I'm trying to scam you?Here’s the thing; I live in the wonderful city of Oxford where did you know there are two universities? The renowned Oxford University; millennia old where JRR Tolkein taught as well as C S Lewis author of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and then new Oxford Brookes of which I am a graduate and only some 20yrs established as a university.

They are both part of the UK university education system where it will cost you £27K (that’s $31K) per ann (that’s times 3!). And in the renowned Said Business school, for some reason, it will cost you $70K per ann.

Now is that cheap or is it worth it? Or is it what it is?

And compare the ‘upsells’ that Rufat Guliyev talks about which I prefer to call products and coaching costs of which the owners are happy to give you a commission if you promote them.  A bit like I used to get commissions to sell life insurance and pensions! Well “won’t be cheap” is an opinion. And it is also what is part of your belief system.

You see we believe that the ‘top’ universities will provide us with something that we ‘believe’ will provide us with a better ticket in life. But that in MY humble opinion isn’t always the case.
You take my other half. He came from a working class background and worked his way up to be Prof of Bio-Geo-Chemistry of the other university Brookes …Oxford woulnd’ have him! Yet he is in his field a world renowned scientist of only 6 in the world.

Do you think I'm not worth it or that I'm trying to scam you?So learning under him about iodine and scilica and how it affects the environment is far more valuable than anything learned at Oxford University.

I get value out of the Super Affiliate Network. Even Rufat Guliyev says he got value out of the Bootcamp for a $1. And actually he didn’t only get value in my opinion, he struck gold. He just wasn’t able to use it or didn’t use it or go further and master it. Nothing of value is every easy!

And did you know that 90% of people don’t even finish the bootcamp!  Yes 90% and only 3% of the 10% left, actually make any significant money from it.

But what I can say having gone through ALL the training (unlike Rufat Guliyev) is everyone who completes all the training believes it is worth the value EVEN if they themselves don’t/can’t use it as an affiliate of SAN. Rufat thinks the Bootcamp is of value becasue he benefited from the section he tried. He doesn’t know about the rest.

So the moral of this dissection? Well it is to answer the question first of all from my subscriber and secondly it is all down to YOU my friend to make it work, or delude yourself into thinking you get no value.

I would say that we all agree the Bootcamp is of great value and something we can all try to see if we are going to be dedicated enough to build an affiliate business based on the teachings and as quickly as humanly possible.

Becasue it is possible to make money in 30 days flat if you finish the Bootcamp and implement. But you have to invest and implement and if you want to make lots of dosh then you have to invest and implement more.

If you want to see if you can complete the bootcamp and start making money (first step in seeing and believing) in 30 days then click here.

Oh and don’t be under the illusion what the aim of Rufat Guliyev is about…. he is an affiliate and wants to sell the system he is now in, which will cost you on his next ‘upsell’ $49pm. And do you know what the monthly subscriptions are all about? Its like when you subscribe to a monthly gym membership…only 10% to 20% of the subscribers actually use the gym regularly but they keep paying and the cost of a session is actually in the realms of hundreds even thousands of dollars…but NO benefit!

I don’t pay monthly subscriptions to SAN any longer becasue once you pay for the next level of coaching your monthly payments stop.

So again IT IS UP TO EACH OF US INDIVIDUALLY to make a success of something or not. Except when it is a scam and then it is not our fault.

I’m not interested in the Rufat Guliyev’s of the world who don’t want to become masters of their trade. I’m interested in the 3% of my subscribers who are hungry to make this business work… here!

Have a great day!

Diane Duvnjak
Maui Partner

The Super Affiliate Network


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