Do You Hate Filing?



DO YOU HATE FILING? I do with a vengeance! Cleaning as well, although I like things clean and tidy
🙂 The B&B washing & ironing goes out and comes back beautifully clean, fresh and all ironed to
perfection. I love to cook but have always hated the washing up and when I was a teen at home my mum
and I split – I did the cooking for mum, dad and me and she did the washing up. In those days men
didn’t do much in the kitchen!

Do You Hate Filing?And I have continued to go on as I started out in life! I do the things I like to do – like cooking
the breakfast for my guests (except when I am away somewhere) and then I have a lady come in and do
that for me. I also like to talk to my guests and the best place is at breakfast – when I learn
about their lives and they tell me all their stories. Some are very interesting like the work that
Damien does out in Afghanistan and last time he was here he bought me the mug you see in the image.

I’ve even had guests that can’t talk about what they do! Military Men!



My most interesting encounter was when I got an e-mail from Sir A….. D…… and I thought to myself
“silly man he’s picked the wrong drop down menu”. Well he emailed me directly the next day and
signed himself off as ‘Colonel A. D…..’.

Then I looked him up on the internet and low and behold – yes he is a ‘Sir’ – one of the Queens
Knights of the Realm! He couldn’t get a room in his old college here in Oxford – (they rent them out
now you see!)

I was getting a bit panicky – what was I going to talk to him about! He I found out was retired and
he and his family were from The Para’s and his father was one of the Para’s that landed and took
Pegasus Bridge during the D-Day landings in 1944. Hows that for a story! Well he was so interesting
that there was no need to be anxious; as there was so much to talk about! Even my other half turned
up for breakfast as we couldn’t wait to meet him!

And all my guests have some story to tell me, some interesting fact/s, some interesting work they

This is the beauty of creating a business where you can ‘work’ on the things you love and give
away/automate the things you don’t like to do. No boss telling you,you have to finish that project
by 5pm on Friday (which doesn’t interest you at all) or you will miss your bonus.

Now, I am not suggesting you buy a property and run a B&B (unless you want to) but I can suggest
many businesses you can create these days – online. In fact much of bricks and mortar businesses
these days are helped with automation – like the emails that have to go out for confirmations and

And we need new blood in the economy – aren’t you fed up with all this doom and gloom about Brexit &
Trump? I am – we can change our own lives when we take responsibly for creating the cash flow that
we all need in our lives. You can even determine what that cash-flow figure is going to be!

Interested? I can show you how to get into a number of businesses online and/or how you can get more
customers using online marketing for your existing Network Marketing business. You only have to ask
for my help.

Best Wishes,

Diane Duvnjak

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