Definition of Insanity

Remember Who Said the Definition of Insanity… 

“Was to Do the Same Thing over and over Again and
Expecting Different Results”?

Yep, you got it -Albert Einstein. He quoted it but you would think we in the practicality of it would see the logic of it.  But no so many of us, especially when we have invested in a business  just keep hammering away.

On Wednesday, I had a coffee with an Internet Marketing friend who told me he’d invested in an opportunity where he’d spent over $5,000 in advertising and he’d made something like $80 in commission sales.

Yes, its abysmal, I agree but there are people that have made no sales whatsoever!!! Yet they still keep doing the same things over and over and staying with the same people that help them to produces Zilch!  

Definition Of InsanityBut don’t confuse this type who need a nudge off a particular treadmill, with those who are just on a different chapter in their Internet Marketing story.

Another Internet Marketing friend of mine was on a Webinar the other day and she was encouraging the disheartened. Those that think things are going to be easy, quick. Those that think will get to their goals in no time and with on pain.

Well, hey! Life isn’t like that for many – it is for some and they are just either lucky or bigger than Albert Einstein!

Did you know that most businesses don’t make a profit in at least their first year? Not surprising as you have to invest both time and money into a business. Imagine how much investment I had to make to start up my B&B! It was years before I got a return on that investment.

Imagine if you bought a Macdonald Franchise and how long that investment would take before you got your money back. No an Internet Marketing business – even if it is a Home Based Business needs your time and money and it needs you to focus on learning and then implementing the skills that are proven to work. And if you find yourself on a tredmill, then get off it for a while and think outside the box you are in.

Oh and there is also seeking help! We are lucky here on the Internet – there are always people to help you but you have to ask! Otherwise we don’t know what challenges you have. And having a Mentor is INVALUABLE!

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Definition of Insanity


Diane Duvnjak

Diane Duvnjak

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