Coaching Fulfilment

Coaching Fulfilment

What is Better Than Winning Yourself or Getting Sales Yourself?

It is when one of your team that you have helped along their way, get the results they deserve! And no-one deserves it more than one of my team members Bert Beattie. You will see one of his testimonial videos here on my website on the right-hand side.

He does have what we call here in the UK ‘the gift of the gab’ – he is just a natural on video/stage and can really communicate and connect easily with people. It helps I support that he is such good fun and a laugh a minute and I recognised all that when I first saw him on video in a FB video challenge group.

So when this last video challenge came up I knew Bert had a chance to win but he was up to some stiff opposition and I at one point thought another member was going to win. Which meant it was a complete surprise to me that he did indeed win!

Coaching FulfilmentA lovely surprise though 🙂

So what does that mean for you?

It most certainly means you too can be a success story in the Super Affiliate Network and I will work with you just as hard as I have worked with Bert. And there are lots of ways you can succeed in the Super Affiliate Network and the Mastermind Group I belong to besides Bert’s way which is through video.

Our Mastermind group is dedicated to making sure those people who have bought products and services through us, get what they deserve.

You can even test it all out before you commit to going all in and once all in you will want to go just the way Bert did – I bet!

Click on this link here and be a star like Bert!





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