Cliffhangers… Are You One?

Cliffhangers… Are You One?

March 31, 2018 0 By WebSavvyNana_1

And what the ‘H’ do I mean by “Cliffhangers… are you one”? Well, you see most people in the Internet and Network Marketing industry don’t make any of the green stuff at all! Except these 20%.


They start out all enthusiastic, climb to a steep curve learning all the skills and their story ends there…a cliffhanger! I know you see because I become a subscriber to many of my team. I then see what they are doing because this is an emailing business, as most companies should be incorporating these days online or not.

You have to continually get leads by driving traffic (people) to your offers, your products, and services. We are here to sell stuff!

But, I would say 90% don’t do the biz! If you don’t work the business if you don’t tell people what you have to sell then all that work, that initial hard work setting up has been for nothing. You get to the top and become a cliffhanger and don’t reap the rewards by rinsing and repeating as Network Marketers say.

I liken this business to a department store but online where I sell other peoples products and services to which my subscribers have taken an interest. So they have come into the department store so to speak.

But what would happen if the department store was empty or there weren’t any salespeople or sales tills? Any business has to open its doors everyday bar a few. Most online marketers seem to think they don’t have to do their traffic generation today, don’t have to send out their emails today, don’t have to replenish their blog with content that will produce a result for people, today.

Its crazy don’t you think to be a cliffhanger and not finish the story to a successful, sustainable end!

To do this biz, you can automate 80% of it. Imagine having robot sales assistants. And because of the automation, you spend a couple of hours in the morning doing the rest of the ‘work’ and as one of my mentors says …. slack off in the afternoon.

If you want to climb mountains in the morning and slack off in the afternoon then there is no better place than here!

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