Broadcasting on Facebook

Broadcasting on Facebook

Video’s on FB get you more engagement and doing FB Live Broadcasts is even better. But even better than that, is using a tool like where you have bells and whistles to get your audience engaged. You can do just straight forward broadcasts with just you online or talk shows with 3 or more people on the paid versions.

You can share your screen and do coaching. You can bring up comments from the people joining you on the live which creates great engagement and share to your other pages and groups you are admin to. And people will want to do that as it also brings them exposure! is also continually upgrading the software so there will be more features and more benefit to your business.

httpss://, like any new software its necessary to learn how to use it. I have found Steven Healey is great at getting training out for the system. You can contact him here. He is really a nice guy and so helpful. His training packages are very reasonable too – for the price of a cinema ticket you could get his basic training on a massive discount – See if its still available here!

Here is my broadcast I did when Steven helped me with a practise…..

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