Bitcoin rises from $14,000 to $15,000 in 24hrs

Bitcoin Soars Past $15,000, Just Hours After Crossing $14,000

Yep I did it!
Been procrastinating for months while watching the value of the Crypto-Currency Coin Bitcoin grow exponentially!
And, yes I was thinking about the ‘bubble’ bursting which it most likely will, because some silly I doit is new to the whole investment world!
People become frightened and then they take their money out – remember the banking crisis?
Thats what happens with stocks and shares –  someone’s confidence goes haywire and starts  the ball rolling but what my IFA told me was it will ALWAYS go up and down! 
Those that become wealthy ride the waves, only invest what they are safe to lose (so selling your house to buy is ludicrous! paying with your CC is ludicrous!) and if at all possible BUY when a crash has just happened!
Problem there is it doesn’t happen very often so many can’t take advantage.
The trick in investing is to realise – it is for long term growth – years, my friend. Then you cushion the waves and your omeny grows 🙂
So yes, I invested – on the 4th December 🙂
5th December I joined USI-Tech – after all, I  am an Entrepreneur – I take opportunities to  make my money work for me even harder!
And if you are an Network Marketer or Internet Marketer, you will understand when I say…
6th December, yes yesterday 🙂 I am now 9 people in my down-line/my members – Enrolled 9 in a matter of hours 🙂
And this as the value of Bitcoin went up from $13,000 to $13,000 IN 24HRS!
Making money while you sleep is so easy to do!

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