Becoming The Trusted Advisor

Becoming The Trusted Advisor

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How do you work with people, your clients, customers, leads, prospects; becoming the trusted advisor – is that the way? To even your friends and family? What is the foundation of everything you do, every way you act? Is it in others best interest or your own?

I have just come across a video that is dear to my heart and it is by Jay Abraham where he talks about the ‘Strategy of Pre-Eminence’. He himself is a pre-eminent global business consulting and strategic marketing expert resource for Entrepreneurs.

But I actually don’t like this words connotation of ‘superiority’. Some of the descriptions of pre-eminence are ok to my understanding – greatness, excellence, distinction. But supremacy, fame, celebrity – are not my cups of tea. I believe Jay’s way of thinking is my own.

But what I do like is Jay Abrahams practical application and with which I wholeheartedly subscribe to. See the video…


Becoming The Trusted Advisor

So, establish yourself as the most trusted advisor – but then remember, you have a moral obligation to give your clients, prospects, leads  – true advise, advise that is in their best interests – not just information, as Abrahams says. Advise what is in the best interests of each individual which may not even be in your own best interests – when you lose a sale for example.

As their most trusted advisor you can’t allow them to do things in their worst interest!

That can mean – not taking action; buying less; not buying your whole package – your ‘up-sells’, but what they need. It can even mean buying from your competitor.

Let me give you a practical personal example.

My family- particularly my daughter gets annoyed because I give her ‘advise’. So, several years ago I made it my quests to understand nutrition because:

  1. my other half had suffered from IBS. A most useless medical description and only suggests the medical profession know nothing about bowel pains.
  2. My son-in-law was and still is getting bigger and bigger (I have a vivid imagination that is sometimes to my detriment – of him dying at a young age leaving my daughter with three small children.
  3. I want to be as healthy as possible and avoid my mother’s dementia and my sisters alzhiemers disease.

In my quest I found the new research about the basis of our global nutritional diet. For the last 30yrs our governments have taken the view that  we should follow the thought (it wasn’t even based on correct science) that we should vilify the fat content of our diets and adopt wholegrain refined sugars (carbs). Also, it is more economical to produce and feed a populous with ‘staple’ – bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, than ‘real’ to goodness foods, like vegetables and good fats – olive oil, butter (yes!) and organic produce – always!

Becoming the Trusted Advisor - Trusted Parents HandsNow, when I have a passion about something, I am nothing if not thorough. So I learned and read everything there was to know and became a good enough ‘expert’ (even though I didn’t take a degree in the subject) about Nutrition.

My new knowledge had an application which was to change our established diets of low fat and high carbs into a low-carb and if possible a keto-diet (very difficult to achieve in todays overabundance of high carb foods).


Now armed with this new knowledge it had to my knowledge, dire consequences if we didn’t change. This meant that the ‘advise’ I was giving was what I believe to be in the best interest to those I love. It was not well receive, I can tell you, particularly in the beginning. Not only that but if there is one thing I have loved in life –  it is to bake delicious carb filled cakes and pies and my other half used to bake the best pavlova you have ever tasted! That for me was a huge wrench – not to be able to bake my renowned chocolate and walnut torte!

Becoming the Trusted Advisor PAVLOVABut taking into account the best interests of my family I pushed the low-carb diet – literally down their throats.

Consequently, my other half tummy is 95% better and my daughter has see the huge benefits for her children. Even, my son feels so much better. As for me, well I haven’t seen any difference in health, but I have noticed I don’t crave sweet things so much. In fact my chocolate and walnut cake (I did once make one for a rare birthday 🙁 ) now tastes positively sickly-sweet.

Now I had to bring my family kicking and screaming but in the end they have realised why and appreciate the fact.

Here is a very simple video made by Maria Emmerich who is my Trusted Advisor on Nutrition….


Now with family it is more difficult to be that ‘trusted advisor’ especially with offspring as they grow up. However, with your customers, clients, leads  and prospects it is much easier to be that trusted advisor.

The avenue to achieve this, Jay Abraham says, is to put into words your clients feelings their desires their hopes and/or their fears.Those things that have gnawing away at them but never verbalised, liberates them. Then you get an incredible connection with them – You become somebody who really ‘gets them’ and somebody who can be their benefactor – their trusted advisor.

But remember to become a ‘Trusted Advisor’ brings with it that Moral Obligation and you become second to everyone else.

Hope you liked my post if so, or even if you disagree please comment, post, like below 🙂

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