As in the Tv Series “the Guest Book” My Guests Bring Their Baggage…

As in the Tv Series “the Guest Book” My Guests Bring Their Baggage…

March 21, 2018 0 By WebSavvyNana_1

The tv series ‘The Guest Book’ is little know over here in the UK, but it is very funny and I would probably relate to a lot of the stories in it (ha ha), as I run a B&B here in Oxford. There are stories with every guest! So, As in the tv series “The Guest Book” my guests bring their baggage…

B&B black front door ajarBut this morning I felt incredibly sad for a German guest who stayed last night. He drove all the way from Luxembourg over to here in the UK. That was a 10hr journey across Europe for those of you who don’t know where these places are.

He had a couple of hours rest on the ferry across the Channel so he wasn’t so tired but because of the time difference here and the rest of Europe he’d awoken at our 4am thinking it was 6am 🙂

But his story made me even more sad. You see he has a small apartment in Germany which costs him 600 Euros per month. But he works in Luxembourg which is a two hour drive every day, because the tax is only 17% rather than the 42% in Germany.

He was a draftsman/architect but had to give that up because of the lack of work and a family to support. A wife and twins…boy and girl aged 7yrs and even though his wife works the job he was trained to do just isn’t available anymore. So, he now drives a small lorry/truck across Europe for people who are re-locating. At least 6 days a week.

Whenever he can he goes back to his native Austria because that is where his family lives.

What a juggle of a life! And so sad.

He will be on his ferry back again in a couple of hours at which point I will email him and say how good it was to meet him.  Gut also if he is open to some help I might be able to offer him.

You see there are lots of businesses one can open on the internet.

It’s not that he doesn’t have the investment as his juggling does leave him with money that he can invest. He even has the time because of the Channel crossing and no commitments when he is in some B&B in the UK. One can always find the time when one is determined to succeed.

So I will see if he is open to looking at the link and I know if he implements the business system during his free time he can set the goal to one day in the future quit his job and return to his native Austria to be near his family full-time.

I hope he likes my offer as it will free him from the shackles that have been imposed upon him.

Hope you are having a great day! Let me know 🙂

Have a great day!

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“As in the Tv Series “the Guest Book”
My Guests Bring Their Baggage…”

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