Are you Bill Foster Falling Down

Are you Bill Foster Falling Down

April 23, 2018 0 By WebSavvyNana_1

He was an ordinary person just like you and me. Doing the usual things and just trying to get home. But his lifestyle meant that he was running out of patience. Hey any peaceful person, when pushed to the limit, can get themselves doing things out of character.

Now none of us wants to get to the point Bill did in Falling Down now do we? Wielding a baseball bat and guns, frightening the life out of people. What about his little girl and wife waiting at home?

Our lives can be frustrating. We can be overwhelmed with the responsibilities weighing us down. Children are growing, needing a better school, spouse not thinking we are good enough anymore, in more ways than one. And even the daily grind, the getting up 5 or 6 days a week to travel in the traffic which is growing and growing each day.

I learned a couple of years ago the world population hit 7 billion and I didn’t bat an eyelid at the time. That is until someone pointed out to me that in the same period of 30yrs the world population had doubled. Now I don’t know about you, but the latter is a different figure. It means that in 15yrs it will probably increase again. So, that traffic is only going to get worse and worse every day.

But don’t get into a panic like Bill. You do have a solution. You can follow me on my journey and find out how I am doing it right here.

Here’s to you having great days!
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