When My Grand-Daughter Tell Me She is a Princess

Are You A Princess?

My grand-daughter at 7yrs of age is one of these sweet little girls who loves everything pink!

You know the sort.

She is happiest with a smile for everyone, loves her fluffy unicorn and is daddy’s little girl.

When she tells me she is a Princess I tell my grand-daughter that her grand-mother is a Warrior Princess!

And then she looks at me quizzically but still smiles at me lovingly.

You see, I would love her to become an independent young woman who knows her mind. Takes no karp from anyone and creates her own future. And that takes courage, that a pretty, delicate little princess doesn’t readily have.

I went to see the film ‘Darkest Hour’ the other day. About Winston Churchill in the first month as the leader of the British War Cabinet; fighting against Hitler in the 2nd WW. He is in the position of being bullied into going into peace negotiations or he can fight on.

One of the most dramatic moments in the film is when Churchill (played by Gary Oldman)

”You cannot reason with a tiger when your head is in its mouth!”

Oh Boy! Can you imagine the position that those boys stranded in Dunkerque? But what it showed was how much Courage Churchill had. He was not one for shirking his responsibilities but got out there, put his point of view and ran with it.
At the end of the film it quoted Churchill himself not the character in the film….

“Success Is Not Final;

Failure Is Not Fatal;

It Is the Courage to Continue That Counts”

Courage is Key…. Do you have the courage to create your own Lifestyle? Do you have the courage to want more than you are handed right now? Do you have the courage to click the button below and start your journey to success?

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