An Event to Change Your Life!

An Event to Change Your Life!

Congratulations! You’ve Made A Commission!

An Event to Change Your Life!

Yes, that is what I get in my inbox when I make a Commission from the Super Affiliate Network. I remember when I got the first one, I started jumping up for joy in front of my computer and I had no-one to share it with as no-one was around. 

Then just 10 mins later my son came home from walking the dog and I showed him the email and we jumped up and down together. Even Max our German Shepherd who was just a puppy at the time started jumping in excitement that you could make the green stuff through the internet!

It is a great feeling! And I secretly wish I could occasionally get back to that first feeling as now after so many it doesn’t have the same effect. What gets my adrenalin running now, is when I see those that I have helped in my own team, get those emails and see their excitement!

And this is why I am inviting you to an event the Super Affiliate Network is putting on where you will discover exactly how you can get personal Hands-On help to get those commissions I get and leverage them to $2K; $5K; $10K per month depending on your commitment and action in your business.

This is an event which catapults people who are stuck and struggling, who have no idea really where they are going but just have this desire that they want and or need to get some of that green stuff from the net. But before I show you where to go to apply, here is a FB Live that my friend and CEO of the Super Affiliate Network did just a few hours ago to encourage our existing members who are fairly new to attend. 


Now this is a 4 day event, essentially for our own members but its now been open to our subscribers, at the same rate!!!!!! It’s your chance to meet Misha Wilson our CEO; Jason Gazaway our COO (Misha’s business partner) and at least 8 other 6 figure earners and up to 200 attendees who are serious about becoming as successful as them.

Here are the details:

Pre-Workshop: Thursday, April 12Th – 9Am – 6Pm (Roughly)

Registration: Friday Morning April 13Th

Day 1: Friday, April 13Th – 3:30Pm – 7Pm

Day 2: Saturday, April 14Th – 9Am – 6Pm

Day 3: Sunday, April 15Th – 9Am – 6Pm (Roughly)

4 days with 6, 7 and multiple 7 figure earners means the price of $97 (currently) is MASSIVELY UNDERVALUED! By now you should have realised you can get this as they say for a song! And you will get as Misha said in the video above….to learn exactly what you needed to build your business FAST

It was the Chinese New Year yesterday! Make a New Year  Resolution to make 2018 your year you broke through to personal success. You might even be an 8figure earner in 2019, who knows!

“This Will Be You Only Chance To Get In-Person Training From Myself (Misha) And Our Super Affiliate Network Top Earners For Anywhere Under $12,497 (Which People Pay To Come To Our Private High Ticket Masterminds)

…And I Can Guarantee You That It’ll Be The Only Chance You’ll Ever Get To Be Personally Trained By Myself, For Anywhere Under $2,500 An Hour”.

I didn’t get that chance!!!! My journey meant I paid that $12,497 to get Misha’s and Jason’s personal training, but you can get it here for $97!

Have a great day!


Diane Duvnjak

PS And if you want to be a member of the Super Affiliate Network before you go (don’t feel left out) then you can join here for a $1 and get all the freebies that the members will get by attending the event in Arizona.

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