Achieving Goals, Dreams & the Motivation to Stick At It

Achieving Goals, Dreams & the Motivation to Stick At It

September 10, 2016 0 By WebSavvyNana_1


Yesterday I climbed a mountain. Yes, that’s correct, a mountain; Corn Dū and Pen y Fan: 3 km along and, 430m of ascent. It is the highest peek in South Wales and the National Trust describes it as:

“… a strenuous mountain walk on well-made footpaths”.

Since I’d never climbed a mountain it was going to be a challenge. Part of achieving goals, dreams & the motivation to stick at it!

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But what about my story?

We had a hearty breakfast in our lovely B&B, the Belvedere in Talybont-on-Usk, prepared by Pat Price the owner. I had poached eggs and bacon and Vic had Full-Welsh(!) breakfast. It’s part of being prepared for the journey ahead, and Pat did us well.


Wild Horses alongside well-made footpaths in the Brecons

As far as the mountain was concerned I was so glad there were ‘well-made” footpaths as I would definitely not have made it over the rougher ground available for the fitter person. Nor would I have been able to find my way as low cloud reduced the visibility to about, 15m. So no beautiful views to strive toward. The cloud did lift though on our way back, so we had delightful views of  the small lake, Llyn cwm llwch some 250m below us, as you can see on the photo’s in this blog.


Over a Brook Towards Pen-y-Fan


Nor would I have made it without my other-half, Vic Truesdale. It’s always good to go out walking with Vic. He’s an environmental scientist and I always say to him – if I have to witness the end of the world, I need to be with him, my own Bear Grylls, to Mentor and guide me.

Whats it to do with achieving goals, dreams & the motivation to stick at it?

Well it occurred to me early on the climb, that climbing a mountain is the same as achieving many of our dreams. It’s mostly about simplifying the goals, using the same principles that Vic applied to get me up Pen-y-Fan.

So how did I do it?

Well, first of all I had the right gear – layers of clothing, a waterproof anorak in case of wind or rain, boots and, of course, my iPhone with its camera to record that I’d done it, and its compass! Even though it was a warm day at the bottom Vic carried a rucksack with Almond Milk and the picnic we were going to have at the top, but also leggings and a warm pullover ‘just in case’ anything untoward might have happened.  You need the tools of the trade in whatever sphere of life you are in.


Lake Lynn Cwm Llwch below Corn Du

On our journey to the top we learned from other local walkers, of several SAS personnel who had recently died up there. So ‘be prepared’ was the order of the day, even on ‘well-prepared footpaths”. And as we were on the mountain when cloud would envelope the Beacons, we needed to “Plan the walk, and walk the Plan” – to avoid introducing changes that might take us off our intended course, and into danger. Believe me, up there, one minute  I was stripping off layers to get cool from exertion, and in another, shivering from cold when we stopped.

The low visibility was quite de-motivating at first. But, it enables us to pick out small landmarks, and take plenty of rests to recover our breath. We saw several banana skins on the way up, presumably dropped by people needing extra energy. Did you know though, that although sugars (carbohydrates) are a great energy source, fats last longer. So, our traditional cooked English/Welsh breakfast, supplemented with refreshment from delicious almond milk, was just the job!

From this story so far, are you able to pick out what we need to achieve our overall goals?

A planned assault, with small landmarks, to maintain motivation. For us, a direct assault on the 430m all at once, wasn’t a good idea. It was for the ‘fell-runners’ we encountered; but they were more like Olympians! The next curve in the pathway, the next pile of stones, the next brook or waterfall was enough for us, and anyway, it gave us plenty of conversation!


Nearly at the Top of Pen-y-Fan

To be honest, I was moaning and groaning about how difficult I was finding it, especially as I kept watching all those other people go whizzing past, and disappearing, higher and higher, into the mist. But then once I’d reached a certain point NOTHING was going to stop me. I’d completed 2/3rds of the ascent, so what was another 1/3rd again?

Just more of the same planning, motivating, conversation and small steps to reach your goal. The funny thing was, once I’d reached that stage I began to notice other people having difficulty too. A party of long-marching army personnel were also puffing away, especially the one at the back!

I’ll let you into a little secret, thought! That day we actually stopped 20 meters of the summit, proper. Yes, that’s correct. We didn’t actually get to the top of Pen-y-Fan. And you know, ‘Good’ was ‘good enough’! We’d achieved our objective which was to climb a mountain. It wasn’t to get to the summit  of the range necessarily. It was the journey, the climb that was important and we would only have seen more of the same – low cloud obscuring the magnificent views.

So what, if we didn’t get the obligatory summit photo we had rich gains in our companionship and the journey up and down. We were ‘kind’ to ourselves!

Thank you Vic Truesdale for getting me up there. Where shall we go next?

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