A Trump Card

A Trump Card

A Trump Card

Yes, the man in the Whitehouse likes to use his Trump cards! I wonder if the family chose that name for a reason?  Is Trump a German name? I don’t know, doesn’t sound it to me. But highly appropriate in competitions and challenges which our Donald seems to like. Remember, Obama Care 🙂

And in Marketing to our prospects, we have always used something extraordinary, something different, something which sets us aside from the rest of the competition! Think of the age-old USP!

Well, I have been trying to think of a trump card to implement in the video I need to make for the Super Affiliate Network Testimonial Video Challenge, that is taking place this week. You see Trump Cards are always valuable aren’t they to get to that finishing line?

And in the twilight hours, a glimmer was revealed to me.  ♦️ ♣️ ♠️ ♥️ So, I need to work on it!  🃏  Please stick with me to find out what it is going to be. I have an ace in my pocket which I am sure you will enjoy 🙂

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