5 Benefits of Attend a Marketing Event like the One That Is Taking Place in Arizona Mid April….

5 Benefits of Attend a Marketing Event like the One That Is Taking Place in Arizona Mid April….

March 14, 2018 0 By WebSavvyNana_1

Here are (I’m sure there are more) 5 benefits of attend a Marketing event like the one that is taking place in Arizona mid April….

Number 1

Most important in my view is you can get very luctritive free training. Not only is it great training but training by people who walk the walk and have proven that the system they are using works. Now I know what works for one person may not work for all of us but gaining their knowledge is better than testing everything out yourself. Much bigger shortcut this way.

Number 2

You get to rub shoulders with 6 and 7 and multi-7 fig earners. And if the green stuff is what you need then you know what people like the great Jim Rohn said….”you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. So get befriending and working with 6, 7 and mulit7ers if that is where you want to aspire to! I am!

Number 3

At these events you can form relationship with people who can become your life long friends, who can help you in your online journey and some will even become your own customers/clients! This is what happened to Karen Richardson one of the speakers at the event. In attending such events she formed friendships which followed her to the Super Affiliate Network. I was one of them 🙂

Number 4

You will grow in stature, in confidence, in your demeanour because an event where you learn so much will empower you! Just by association you start to become an authority. You will have stepped out of your comfort zone and taken responsibility for that. Taking responsibility makes you a leader!

Number 5

Always at such events there are bonuses to take away. So, its an event to show you how to build a business online. You know that serious entrepreneurs know that there are investments to be made in a business as there is in life. It is at events like these that people realise they will invest in their own education, in their own advertising and in creating themselves as the next success story!

I Went to Such an Event in March 2015

Going to such an event in March 2015 (ha its 3yrs ago, how time flies) as a green newbie, as a technically challenged grandmother, gave me the incentive to get going online. By the end of August 2015 I had made $9,902.66. I didn’t know about FB jail; I didn’t know what an autoresponder was; I didn’t even know what a capture page was or that I could build my own website! For goodness sake I didn’t even know what an affiliate was or that they had affiliate links I could earn the green paper from!

But that event gave me the confidence to try 🙂

You can apply to go to Arizona here and meet my friend and mentor Misha Wilson, his partner and multi-7fig earner Jason Gazaway (get him to tell you about the story when he sold his business for x mullions only for a flood to float away all his profits 🙁

And you will meet many more who are in the trenches making the mulla green stuff.

Actually there is a number 6! Count it as your bonus when you are there, but of course at these events you will have great FUN! 

Apply for your future here!

To Your Success!

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