Courage & Your Reason 'Why'

Courage & Your Reason ‘Why’!

Even though I have been in business for 35yrs plus and am now confident with my
online internet businesses started 3yrs ago, and now into coaching I always find
it humbling when I learn things from my team. And some of them are really green
with their online business.

One is Milka Njeru who did a facebook live the other day with a fantastic
message. She told us a story of having to jump into a swimming pool to save her
son and it was about when your ‘Why’s’ Are Big enough, Your Hows are

You can listen to that video……

Milka Njeru


But can you see how in that moment of jumping into the swimming pool all Milka’s
fears and embarrassment of getting into that swimming pool were put to one side
when her ‘why’ became so intense, she just jumped in without thought, into that
swimming pool, because of her child being in danger.

But it got me thinking about YOUR ‘why’s’.

Do you have a burning why?

What drives you?

It can be money but usually its other things more deep than money. Many of us
want more money but usually, we want a better life for our children our
grandchildren. We want to get out of the 9 to 5 grind. We hate our boss and
never want another because it is killing us slowly every day. We need a
retirement fund which has bee taken away from us by banksters. We want a better
education for our children.

These are core desires and needs.

These core desires will drive you to make a success of life and crucially
through a business where you can write your own cheque – for that top school for
your kids – for that fund which will send you all over the world in retirement –
for the ability to sack your boss!

For all those ‘why’s’ and more…. you need mon.ey!

And here is where you can create a business to fulful your core desires like I
have and like I know how to build.

Check the system out here!

Best Wishes,

Diane Duvnjak

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