Burn Your Boats

2018 – Are You Ready to Burn Your Boats?

Are You Ready to Burn Your Boats to Triumph in 2018?

Ready, Set, Go!

Know the story of Hernan Cortes? This is where we get the phrase “Burn Your Boats” due to this young Adventurer way back in 1519 and his story of conquering the Aztecs. Great story and those men needed great courage – which Cortes gave them.

You know what many of us Europeans have been like – trying to conquer the world. For Spain South America was highly prised and for 600 years they had tried to conquer it. And Cortes? Well he set out to do the impossible the only way he knew how.

Burn Your BoatsHe landing in a hostile area with 400 to 500 of his own men and a foe purported to be in the 100,000’s! So what did he do? He ordered his men to destroy their ships, so that they would have no option but to conquer the country or be killed. Retreat was impossible – victory was the only option – NO PLAN B!

The thrilling result was that he conquered the Aztecs and claimed the territory for Spain and King Charles I of Spain but the ‘booty’ would have made him and his men rich beyond their dreams. They were supposed to have gained 200 gold objects many very large – plus 50 going to the King. A king who would have been used to riches – image the smaller % going to those soldiers and sailers.

You can see the moral of the story for Entrepreneurs, can’t you.

Before Cortes, leaders were too cautious to win. They didn’t fully commit themselves and they didn’t want it bad enough. Maybe, there wasn’t that sense of urgency either – someone else can do the job maybe.

Building a business is not easy – it takes guts, it takes courage. Very often it takes us into debt and controversy with family and friends. What it needs it commitment and determination – it needs goals to be set high and the skills to succeed. It needs time spent without thanks and can be very often lonely. With NO PLAN B you don’t have the comfort of something to fall back on. It is so easy to give up when you know you have safety just along the horizon. 

Below is a great video of coaching by David Arrington to his students using this exact same historical story. As he says “you can’t just expect to put write a few blogs on your website and become a millionaire!”

But like Cortes – the winnings can be tremendous. Go see my Facebook cover at the moment – I have the mountain from my families ancestral valley with the quote “The Road May be Long But the View from the Top Will Be Spectacular!” And I know this to be true in both the businesses I have created and the mountains I have climbed. It is a spectacular view – trust me 🙂 And its not all about the money either – imagine Cortes’s feeling of fulfillment, he’d put his heart and his sole into achieving his goal and against ALL the odds he succeeded.

If you are ready to go “All In” and create a business that will bring you success and riches, then watch the video on this next page; fill out the form and if successful you will get an hour of my valuable time to plan your victory in 2018.

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