2018 And Women Are Still Lower in the Pay Grade!

2018 And Women Are Still Lower in the Pay Grade!

March 13, 2018 0 By WebSavvyNana_1

My daughter send me an article by the Guardian, one of our eminent newspapers here in the UK and in reading it online, it even prompted me to pay a donation to the newspaper because I was much in agreement with what it was saying….2018, and women are still lower in the pay grade!

This in 2018 in the western world! And I have gone on to read many more articles like this one by the BBC about Women currently make up 62% of those earning less than the living wage. And this one also by the Guardian entitled “Paying women less than men is criminal. Is is time to make it illegal?” Plenty for you to read up on if you are in the work force and are interested.

The film ‘Suffragette’ of 2015 highlighted the plight of women to get the vote and based on true events. It showed horrific events of force feeding those imprisoned for their beliefs. And even men who supported them and also imprisoned were subjected to similar acts of barbarism. The movement wasn’t just an all woman movement. Many men could see the inequality for women including Keir Hardie MP who regularly raised questions in the House of Commons, and George Lansbury MP who eventually resigned his seat over the issue.

And how come it was as late as 1971 that SWITZERLAND gave their women the right to vote?

I do believe it is still predominantley in the hands of men to rectify this position of inequality for women of equal pay in the working world. But putting that aside for this blog, I would point out that it would be better for men, particularly in families as their overall income would be greater. How come the men that don’t work for or actually oppose the position, don’t see that they would also be better off?

But also why can’t the women see the obvious way out of this situation right now right in our day and age with the opportunities on the internet?

The interent has no predjuice in this regard!

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