2 Over-Arching Mindsets

I Do Believe There Are Only 2 Over-Arching Mindsets In Our Society.

There are many characteristics that will define a typical Entrepreneur but what about the rest? Can we recognise one and the other in ourselves and then move into the mindset of an Entrepreneur to become successful.

I believe so and I say so here in the Facebook Live I did this morning to our 50K/mth Club for Serious Entrepreneurs.

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For me a Business Mindset an Entrepreneurial Mindset that you need to be successful is simply to be someone who takes Responsibility for his or her own Destiny rather than have someone else create it for you. And why would you want someone to create your destiny for you?

2 Over-Arching MindsetsI really fail to see why it is that more people don’t start on Robert Kiyosaki’s ‘Self-Employed’ side of his quadrant and then make it successfully over to at least the business side of the quadrant.  For me it is so much easier to write my own pay-cheques and write my own destiny than have someone control me into what they want.

I don’t believe that people don’t have the drive and the ambition – all they need is dreams and to realise that dreams are just goals to be achieved with implementation of a plan. It isn’t rocket science.

The only difference in the success is how much you want it and the implementation you put into it. It isn’t even these days, and especially online, if you have the skills or the knowledge because you can always get someone else to do the things you can’t. It is always better to get someone else to do what you can’t anyway!

Don’t start off with amonetary goal either. You goals need to be tangible – the dream house, the dream car, money in retirement to sail around the world, children to a good school – what-ever. You can then add up how much that is going to cost you and voilà as the French say you have your monetary figure. And don’t forget those ‘lifestyle’ expenses – you still have to pay the bills, so don’t short-change yourself.

I hope my video resonated with you – if it did give me your thoughts at the bottom of the page 🙂


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