10 Tips For a Great Linkedin Profile in 2018!

10 Tips For a Great Linkedin Profile in 2018!

April 18, 2018 0 By WebSavvyNana_1

Much of our marketing these days is on the internet, and many businesses forget about Linkedin. It has traditionally been seen as a ‘Professionals’ networking organisation with resumes and career history for ‘head-hunters’ and potential customers to see. However, increasingly businesses and public figures are using Linkedin as their primary source for new customers. This is why I think my 10 Tips For a Great Linkedin Profile in 2018 will be of benefit to you and I for one am increasingly getting more and more leads from this great social media platform.

Also, think about it. Even though Facebook is supposed to be the best advertising platform out there, there are so many problems attacking Facebook these days. What with the debacle with Cambridge Analytica and Mark Zuckerberg having to answer to the US Congress that if you are a business wanting to recruit people to your business, then Linkedin is a very lucrative arena. Again another reason to get a great start with your Linkedin profile so you can hit the ground running!

10 Tips For a Great Linkedin Profile in 2018!So, Implement These 10 Tips For a Great Start:

Complete100% of your profile. Use all the character limits both in your headline; name and summary. Make it appealing for people to connect with you. Not only what you do but what you will do for your ideal customer. Selling these days is all about personality, so let that come through. You will have a story to tell about your success or the success of your product. Some people will look at your profile as your resume. But tell your story.

Fill out your contact information to the maximum. How are people going to find you! Make it easy and remember we all use different mediums, so be comprehensive.

Use images that reflect you and your brand. Please have an inviting smile ­čÖé

Connections and forming relationships it the name of the game these days. You have to have people to sell to. And the bigger your audience, the more people will buy. It is a numbers game at the end of the day. You have to get through X amount before that ideal, one buyer wants all that you have. So, continually┬ámake ‘connections’ as many as you can from the profile of your perfect client. So, if you are selling steak don’t look for vegetarians!

People that you have worked with, people you have a relationship with, endorse them. It is also an excellent way for those people to look at your profile and your products and services.

For those people who you love, their products and/or services give them a recommendation. If you have done some work for other people and they like/love what you have done ASK for a recommendation! Equally, ask for endorsements! People very rarely give reviews unless you ask for them!

If you can form a group then great! Because when you send a message to a group in LinkedIn, EVERYONE gets the message. Not 3% as on FB!

Yes, you can use SEO skills so your best clients can find you. So just like you would search on google for your products and services think about what keywords and key-phrases people would use to find you. Use this in all areas of your profile. SEO terms need to go in your profile; your summary; specialities; job title; career history; cover image and personal interests. Find personalities that you follow, who are in the same niche as you or your ideal client would follow.

Are you a Coach; Consultant in Nutrition; Email Marketer….have as many keywords that describe what you do and how you help people. ‘How to Drive Traffic’ ‘How to get more Customers’. Use the right words/keywords and phrases for your business and industry.

Give away a gift
, so you capture prospects email address and start building a relationship. Compile your own 10 Top Tips into an e-book or a blog like this one. Please don’t copy and paste! Google will know I have compiled this one before you! Compile a guide or a video about how you can help you customers and give it away.

Be active by writing articles on your profile that can help your niche and solve problems and don’t forget only to add images that are copyright free. You can download anything you need from pixabay.com. And videos are getting more and more popular. Videos are rife on other mediums and only just coming into its own on Linkedin. So if you like videos be the early bird that catches the worm.

So there you are! This will give you a great kickstarter to a whole new world of attracting your customers, clients, guests and prospects.

10 Tips For a Great Linkedin Profile in 2018!


Now, if you are a professional and a real business it is no good just implementing these tips. Even though they are a great start a professional business needs to master any marketing platform and Linkedin is no exception. After trawling around and using one training after another I have found what I think is the best training for the best value. It is by a lady who has been using Linkedin for over a decade and most of her 6 figure business has been generated through Linkedin. I have used her training myself and I can tell you it is top notch and I would give it a rating of 10 out of 10 because it brings in quality prospects for me.

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“10 Tips For a Great Linkedin Profile in 2018!

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