Build a Complete Home Business…

The Super Affiliate Network

The Super Affiliate Network

Trust me when I say this is the best system on the internet for building your own Complete Home Based Business. Why, because I have tried 3 others before finding this one and I see more successes for other people with this one than any other. It is the fastest and simplest way to making money online by miles and for a complete turnkey business you won’t be paying anywhere near what you would for a Franchise like Starbucks or McDonalds.

A 21 Modula Bootcamp System which I got thorough in 10 days and on the 12th day I got my first sale having implemented. Some have taken 21 days, some have taken 90 days, there are even those that have started seeing a return within 3 days!!!!! But all have the same reason for getting their sales – they, I, have listened to the 6 figure coach and have implemented what they and the Bootcamp teaches. Some have taken their time, others have dived in but the Implementation has been their key to their success. It can be your too.

You even have a built in sales team that handles all your sales, if you don’t want to dip your toes into getting your own traffic initially. There is ‘an in-house done for you system’ to drive traffic to your own affiliate money generating links until you gain your own confidence.

Talk about revolutionary, you can hit the ground running – just by following the proven system.

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The Complete Traffic Solution…

The Solo Ad Success Formula

Overwhelmed and in debt? That is what I was before finding the perfect solution – Solo Ads and Email Marketing. Facebook and Google took my money on complicated advertising systems – in fact competitive auctions. You won’t believe how easy Solo Ads are until you try.

Don’t be fooled that you can get FREE advertising – that comes with its own price – your time! Here with this Solo Ad Formula and a simple 4 Step System you can get all the quality leads that your budget allows. Its a system developed by my Mentor that got him effortlessly 300+ leads a day.

Further, and you will like this, it can bring in huge profits and all in under an hour a day!

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Build Your Interactive Website/Blog

The Ultimate Branding Blueprint

Been stung by ‘Web-Designers’? Paid $1,000’s or even $10,000’s for a website that ‘doesn’t work’ and you don’t know why? Or you have to keep paying SEO web-developers $100’s a month for calls and leads that are random and you’re even paying more that what sales are coming in!

Well, your solution is here. Build a website or increasingly called a blog that is interacting with your target audience to get quality leads and sales. The Ultimate Branding Blueprint is what you need and I have used. Follow it (remember implementation is always key) and it will  to make you a rock star. It is where everyone will want to see you on your own real estate online – your blog, the place where you get FREE leads and sales online!


You can’t build a website without it being Hosted – put onto someone’s Server!  See below under ‘Hosting, Domain & Email Address’ who I use and can recommend 🙂

And, you can’t build a website without a Content Management System – which is where you build your blog, your website. For me and most Internet & Network Marketers the system of choice is WordPress and Google apparently loves WordPress (my reason for choosing it). Go below to ‘Hosting, Domain & Email Address’ where you can pick it up for free 🙂

A Great Theme for WordPress – OptimizePress

Revolutionary But Easy!

To build a successful Business you need to attract an audience, share content and make sales. OptimizePress it the way professional business owners create high converting landing pages, sales pages, funnels, and even membership portals. You can even use it for your blog. I couldn’t be without it in any of my businesses.

I have been using it for years on all my websites. First I would tell you, it is so easy to use. You get great help and training from OptimizePress and I am sure you would agree my pages look great!

It is also great value for money – no monthly fee like other companies, but a one off payment with Themes and Plugins for many sites.

Check OptimizePress Out Here!


Hosting, Domain & Email Address

1&1 Web Hosting

Want a yourfirstnameyoursecondname website? Which is to become your Authority site? The place, the hub where people are to find you and your offers, your services your inspiration. It is to become your Real-Estate – of true value. Well before you can start to build your interactive site you will need a host, a domain, an email address and a CRM platform like WordPress.

You can get all this from 1&1 Web Hosting.

Now in the last 5 years of having websites for my various businesses I have been round the houses with Hosting Companies. I have been up and down dales; up mountains and down valleys! I have swum oceans and battled through jungles. Do you get the picture?

I have used 123Reg; GoDaddy; TSOHost; to name just a few. Yet all I have ever wanted is a reliable company where my websites can sit and interact nicely with whoever lands on them and when something doesn’t work or seems not to work – you want someone you can easily get hold of to help you. You would think that is not too much to ask 🙂 Its called customer service after all.

But no, not all companies are equal.

Oh, and one crucial thing I have experienced. Of course, I wanted email addresses to match my websites and with ALL my previous hosting companies…..I ran out of space! What happened? Emails were lost as well as customers and sales. YOU DO NOT WANT THAT!

You do not want what I had – headaches all the way!

What you want is a reliable company with whom you can get in contact, easily for help. You will invariably need help!

Finally, a year ago I found 1&1 a German based company (and you know how efficient the Germans can be). Well, I cannot speak more highly of them.

It is the customer services that I really love and their site is very easy to use. You can also get WordPress directly from their sites, once you have registered

So I can highly recommend as it is what I use and what I am very happy with. You can get it here and then go get your domain, email
and WordPress 🙂

NOTE the 2 links above are only for those in the UK!!!!!

Here is a link if you want the .com version – HOWEVER I do not know what their customer service is like. I can only go by what service I experience from this island in Europe. Sorry. But here is the .com 1&1 link if you want to try it.

NOW, you will also want :-

  1. your DOMAINWant Well all you have to do is register with 1and1 on the two versions above and you can get your domain through them.
  2. your EMAIL ADDRESS and 1&1 will have plenty of capacity so you don’t lose your emails. Get an email address t match your domain name so you look professional.
  3. the place you are going to create your blog/website and you will find it easy to get to WORDPRESS from your 1&1 account.

And you can get them all by going to 1&1 for your hosting.


Email Mastery

Money Is in the List but the Fortune Is in the Follow-Up

Andre Chaperon - Email Marketing Mastery

On your journey to email mastery your first port of call, if you are part of the Super Affiliate Network is the training your will find in the Bootcamp. You may find that is enough for you to get great rapport with the subscribers in email lists. However, if you think you might benefit from a ‘Master Email Marketer’ who has been featured in the Huffington Post in June 2016, as one of 11 Remarkable Storytellers, then look no further than the training available by André Chaperon.

I am sure he won’t mind me telling you he is a dyslexic. So if André Chaperon can get $38.64 EPS (earnings per subscriber) then his training should at least get you and me more than the industry average of $1 EPS. Within just a few short weeks of getting his A.R.M. Training my open rates went up from 5% to 9%+ and I have yet to get through it all!

Ryan Deiss & Perry Belcher of Digital Marketer at their famous Traffic & Conversion Summit talked about and recommended Andre’s A.R.M. training. This is where he teaches an ’open-loop’ series of emails – where Deiss said:

“it drives you fricking bananas and you have to open every subsequent email, trying to find the answer”.

Of course subsequently forming a relationship with Andre 🙂 What we all want – the build up of that relationship where the fortune in your business is made.

Here is your opportunity to get a “Free Edition” of ARM, which is delivered to you over 7 emails. You will taste Andre’s Magic in those emails and if you don’t want to keep opening them and waiting for the next one then let me know, as that is what happened to me!

Tap into it now!

Want Automated Emails? Get Aweber….


Try AWeber free for 30 days! – AWeber Communications

Communicate with your customers you clients, your email subscribers using automation. But its not just about sending one email to all of your customer base at one go. No, Awber can help you create sign up forms for your e-books and free offers. Connect to your social network pages – Facebook, Twitter etc.

Have created your newsletters or your latest blog posts sent automatically to your subscribers with templates or basic emails (better open rates with the latter :). Set up a Soap Opera Series which you have learned up above, from the Tiny Little Business to maximise sales. Use the automatic split testing to again maximise the best emails.

You also get great customer service throiugh ‘chat’ and email. I find the response rate is brilliant and its 7 days a week! There are also helpful video’s to teach you how to use the system and a blog to help you with ‘how to’ questions to marketing questions.

I have used Aweber since 2014 and I love it!

You can get the first month free or just use it as a trial of 30days. Check it out here!


Need to Track & Optimise?


Here is a great solution that I have been using for a couple of years now and why? Because, I’d like to stress that it is vital that you track absolutely everything! How will you know what works and what doesn’t if you don’t track? One sales page might cost you a fortune in advertising spend where as if you’d tested at leas a couple you can be saving yourself thousands.

Otherwise, you are just blindly marketing and trust me my friend, that will cost you a lot! Get going with ClickMagick Here 🙂


Broadcasting on Facebook

Video’s on FB get you more engagement and doing FB Live Broadcasts is even better. But even better than that, is using a tool like where you have bells and whistles to get your audience engaged. You can do just straight forward broadcasts or talk shows with up to 3 people on the free version, more on the monthly paid version – I think. You can bring up comments from the people joining you on the live which creates great engagement and share to your other pages and groups you are admin to. And people will want to do that as it also brings them exposure! is also continually upgrading the software so there will be more features and more benefit to your business., like any new software its necessary to learn how to use it. I have found Steven Healey is great at getting training out for the system. You can contact him here. He is really a nice guy and so helpful. His training packages are very reasonable too – for the price of a cinema ticket you could get his basic training on a massive discount – See if its still available here!



Here is my broadcast I did when Steven helped me with a practise…..

 Legal Template Service

TemplatesHaving had several websites and built them myself I have had to find out what a ‘compliant’ website is all about. It is about information that your potential customers can find to make sure you are a legitimate business. Google requires you to do this and be transparent to the public.

Consequently, you will need at least three pages to put on your website and you can find them as an example in my footer. You will need a ‘Privacy Policy’ page, a ‘Terms of Use’ page and if you are an Affiliate, Network Marketer or Internet Marketer then you will also need an ‘Earnings & Income Disclaimer’ page.

Email for information by clicking here!


Let me know how you get on with all my Solutions for your business!

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